Our Program

Tae Kwon Do and Fitness Arts is a comprehensive martial arts training program conducted by Master Daniel Fusco. Our focus is on World Taekwondo Federation and Chung Do Kwan styles, with emphasis on self-defense, fitness and health.

Very affordable rates and huge family discounts. Call for details.

Classes held daily.

Other than style, the most characteristic difference between martial arts disciplines are the forms (Poomsae, Hyungs, or Katas) that are practiced. Here is a list of the forms we train.

Color Belt Forms:
Palgwe 1-8
Taeguek 1-8
Kuk Mu 1-5
Pyong Ahn 1-5

Black Belt Forms:
Pal-Sah (Bal-Sek)
Chul-Ghe 1-3
Yun Bee
Ship Su
Jah Un
Kong San Kune

Not a special needs program