Our Program

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Tae Kwon Do and Fitness Arts is a martial arts and fitness training program conducted by Master Daniel Fusco. Our focus is on World Taekwondo Federation and Tae Kwon Do Chung Do Kwan styles, with emphasis on self-defense, fitness and health.

Classes held daily.

Other than style, the most characteristic difference between martial arts disciplines are the forms (Poomsae, Hyungs, or Katas) that are practiced. Here is a list of the forms we train.

Color Belt Forms:
Palgwe 1-8
Taeguek 1-8
Kuk Mu 1-5
Pyong Ahn 1-5

Black Belt Forms:
Pal-Sah (Bal-Sek)
Chul-Ghe 1-3
Yun Bee
Ship Su
Jah Un
Kong San Kune